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Flight Display


The patented design allows for versatility and possibilities in the confines of the cockpit. The Flipper creates panel space where none previously existed
. Convenient stowable monitor displays EVS on the LCD that will enhance the safety of your operation
. No requirement to cut new panel space for the installation or upgrade to an expensive MFD or FMS
. Folds up to a horizontal stowed position when not in use. It uses just over 1/2 inch of visible panel space
. One button selects video source- EVS, Weather, or Camera. The video intensity backlighting can be adjusted by the BRT/DIM buttons located on the front of the display
. Power supply and video input located in the Detached Electronics Box (DEB), which can be positioned up to 9 feet from the Flipper (up to 15 foot cable available)
. Displays 2 composite video and 1 VGA input
. Available in top or bottom mount configurations to mount above or underneath the glareshield and 90 degrees or 270 degrees of rotation from the stowed postion. The units are available in gray or black



The 7" LCD is the perfect display for bulkhead or at the seat mounting. It has the smallest mounting area with the minimum of interface equipment required
. Built for retrofit installation with a compact enclosure for increased flexibility
. No expensive switching required, three inputs included
. VGA for the Flight Display Moving Map and computer graphics
. 2 composite inputs for DVD, Glareshield camera, and more
. Controls on unit or use the included IR remote to switch video source, adjust preferences, etc.
. Extremely wide viewing angle allows multiple passengers to watch the same monitor
. Crystal clear LCD with industry leading brightness



First Blu-ray high-definition (HD) disc player for aircraft that brings you one step closer to home. HD movies are now in-flight at an altitude near you
. Compact size and a replacement for existing DVD player
. Provides the flexibility to watch movies in DVD format or Blu-ray HD format
. You can upgrade to the Blu-ray player even if you do not upgrade the aircraft's displays to HD
. Unique capability to output HD and composite video simultaneously
. Upconvert standard DVD video to 1080p thru HDMI
. Plays audio CDs, CD-R, CD-RW
. Plays Blu-ray high-definition discs at up to 1080p resolution through the HDMI output
. Unit interfaces directly to the Flight Display Systems Cabin Management System (CMS) to control playback functions
. Includes IR remote control
. Outputs: HDMI video, composite video, and stereo audio output
. Control playback functions with the IR remote control or RS-485 data bus interface
. Blu-ray HD video playback through HDMI requires an HDCP compatible monitor